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Hi Guys,

I have a couple of months old Haltech E6X ECU. Was in the car for a month, until the car burnt down due to a fuel line failure (Was an AW11 MR2). Was bought brand new for $2200AUD.

Im getting a big loss here, trying to re-cap most salvagble parts from the wreck. Luckily the ECU was in the boot, away from the fire. Its sitting at Haltech Headquaters atm to test if its still working and if it is, Im after $1200AUD fir it. I can ship anywhere for a bit extra or anywhere in Australia Free.

Bit of info what the e6x does.

The HALTECH E6X is a powerful "real-time" programmable fuel injection and ignition system computer designed to control most ignition type engines. Whether 1-6, 8, 10 or 12 cylinders, 1-2 rotors, naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged, the HALTECH E6X can control it.

The E6X System optimises engine performance through the following capabilities:
Ignition timing control
Fuel control
Idle speed control
Closed loop
The E6X is much more than a programmable fuel injection computer - it provides logging of engine data and allows access in real time to maximise performance and trouble-shoot problems in a vehicle while running.

Typical Applications:
Control of fuel injection on modified engines
Conversion from carburetion to fuel injection
Race and rally applications of all description
Design and development purposes
Educational use by universities and technical colleges
Original equipment in cars and motorcycles.
The patented HALTECH system of programming virtually eliminates the input of numbers. You simply manipulate bar graphs by pressing arrows keys on the attached PC running Haltech Programming software. Manipulating the bars allows you to increase or decrease the amount of fuel delivered or ignition advance at that particular RPM and load point. The process is repeated for all load points in each rpm range.
Ignition timing is precisely mapped through the RPM range so that the exact timing required to obtain optimum performance is applied in every RPM and load range.
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