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any one tried the new haltech? i have an opportunity to get one but was wonderin if they finaly got their @#$% together. the v1:wackit: sucked on dsm and sti s. any one running one?

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I have the Plug-in Pro on my R32 Skyline GT-R (1000cc injectors, big cams, T72, twin tial 44's, 90mm throttle).
It is a phenomenal system. Software selectable high/low imp injector drivers, sequential injection, direct ignition not waste spark, 3 methods of tuning (Lambda, direct, and VE), usb connection, all kinds of correction tables, boost control, on board map sensor, etc, etc.

The software is rather easy to use. It only took me a about a day of fumbling around to figure it out, and once you have the basic concept down, it is very user friendly. I was rom tuning the stock ecu but it is just too slow to keep up, and the big throttle was a big problem. The Haltech transient throttle tables are just sooooooo nice. I can pump the throttle any way I want and the A/F's stay rock solid.

Crispeed's praise for this system and the results he's had on his customer's cars is the main reason why I bought it. I am 110% satisfied with it.

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It wouldn't rev pass 5,000 RPM. I sent the Unit back to Haltech to check it out, and they said it was the an issue with the Trigger input. They sent me a new unit and the car revs up perfect now.

**All Standalone units work great it is all preference of the user.

-Frank Siharath
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