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HedgehogSandwich said:
I'm also in the UK (stash, i hope youre a member of the UK forums, if not .. why not !! :) and have a jap 2.5 targa.. the car gets loads of looks in the UK as they are so rare !
Hey what's the url of the board? I'll drop by it sometime...
can't see it comparing with supraforums tho! :D

Imagine a world where no-one has seen a targa supra before... I'm there!!! MUHA HA HAAAA! All the ladies lurve my sup because most of the ones in the uk are rust buckets - which makes mine look extra good!! AAAAAND for most people mine is the first mkiii they've ever seen "without the roof on"...
It's f'kin excellent! :boink:

Buddy thought I had a NA
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me i love hard tops i am alll about driveing race ect

hard top = lighter/stiffer/faster

taga =girls/open air

if i wan topen air i push switch and my windows go down

hard top over targa any day

ps around here the targa are the ones that are bad around here

Dr Wheelspin Rh.D.
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OneWingedAngel said:
I would say Bishop is a pimp. I agree all the way.

I do own both, so I can appreciate both forms of cars. However if I wanted a pure race car aka hardtop I wouldn't go with a Supra. Supra is just not designed for any types of competitive racing. It's too heavy for autox, IRS doesn't drag race well, road racing is about all the Supra can be decently competitive. The car is a GT a luxury cruiser with power, with that in mind why not have the ultimate luxury - the sport roof :)
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