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Does anyone know of a shop or person who is well versed on the wiring ( engine & body plugs ) for the 1jz conversion in the Baltimore/ D.C. area. For the most part the harness is done I just can't get the body plug wiring done. :)

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ZaZZn said:
Hey hams when you see this let me know if you have any spare harnesses?

I need some connectors....
Which connectors are you looking for? The 1JZ side body plugs or the MA70 body plugs?

BTW I saw a complete harness for sale from Jarco on ebay.

Yes I don't mind building harnesses for people. Always glad to help out fellow owners. Too bad your harness has already been started like that. I hate to hack up a perfectly good engine harness. Jumpers are much easier to work on.

- Hams.
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