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ok, so my harness is off the engine, and there seems to be a cut very close to the loom, it has 2 wires which are yellow(i think) with stripes on them. they were in their own little loom like the other sensors or connectors.

it was cut so close to the harness it looks intentional, anyone know what it could have been? and is it a big deal?

here are pics, the first one will be where it is cut, and the rest are the other sensors that split off the harness

sorry about the crappy pics, i didnt have anything but my camera phone


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tsuper92 said:
all i can tell is the last one,thats the alternator charge wire.that one goes to the fuse box under the hood
i'm not to concerned with what everything else is right now, i was just trying to find out what could have been cut off

thanks for the input though

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Been a long time since I looked at one of them harnesses, but wouldn't that area be near the where the progressive power steering 2-wire connector is? Basically, your best chance is to identify all the ones that you do have in that area... let us guess the ones you "don't" have or see....
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