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i have posted this in the MKIV section but not all states have taxes so i figured CA section would be more appropriate.

OK so we all do it, we buy the car for lets say $20k and for DMV we bought the purchase price of $5,000 or something to save on getting taxed the crap out of. I personality think that private party tax is the dumbest idea i have ever heard ever!! There is no reasonable explanation of this unreasonable tax, and none of us know where that money goes so im assuming to some guys pocket. Private party things should not be taxed period, especially if things are old like 10 years old. Its like im trying to sell you my bike and then tax you, what kinda crap is that?!! DMV gets their money from the registration fees and license fees, etc. So... let me get to my point...

So lets say that car that i want to buy is $20k but me and the seller agree that he is selling me the car for $5k and the rest $15k is like a gift to him, so he puts $5k on the dmv forms.

BUT lets say i go to the bank and get a $15,000 autoloan (not personal loan) with autoloan they need the vin number of the car before they can give me that cashiers check. So lets say i take that $15,000 autoloan cashiers check and $5,000 in cash and go get the car. Me and the guy lets say agree he will put $5,000 on the DMV paper work and im giving him the $15,000 cashiers check as a gift. But since i never done this before with a chashier check autoloan way would it still work putting $5k on the bill of sale and DMV would not question me, this is why im asking if anyone has used an autoloan before and put much less on the bill of sale compared to the autoloan they got from the bank and DMV and nobody asked no questions and no probs?

Hope all that made sense
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I've posted this several times before, but apparently it needs to be posted again.

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