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Yeahm i know they are called sawblades, but i've even heard them called paperplates!

I've got to find some wheels, but i'm undecided on what to get. I really like the early 90's wheels, but i think the mk3 supra 5 stars are 7" wide, and at least the 16's i have are 8".

I suppose i could get some TT wheels, they are staggered nicely, but what other ideas do y'all have?

I'm a new convert to japenese muscle (and i don't mean civic's !)

I bought a 280ZX a couple of years back and loved it!! Straight 6 baby!

I lowered it an inch and added these ebay special Speedy wheels! 500 shipped!

Now it's time for wheels for the Supra. I like classy and simple, no big bling, what do you guys think?

Not so boring anymore
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tts... but you know that..

stock wheels are all 16x7

maybe a cheap alternative is rx7 wheels (fd, 93+)... they're fairly cheap, light and 16x8s i think.. but its hard to beat a set of tt wheels
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