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Have to get a new fu*%&*# clutch!

The guy who sold the car to me said it already had an RPS cluch that could handle 600hp but now it slips really bad.

My question is , How much is the instulation of a new clutch?
I know how much a clutch is.
I just lost my job and I dont know what to do about the money thing.
I need a new clutch that can handle 550 rwhp and matched torque so I dont burn up another one.

any suggestions are welcomed.


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That sucks... RPS, Clutchmasters, Exedy, ACT, HKS, OS Giken, and so on all make clutches to handle the power. Arizona has a disk that is supposed to be nice too. The clutches range form $500 to more than $2000. And it depends on the shop labor for doing the job. Could be anywhere from $250-up.
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