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Having trouble with the power antenna

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a few months ago i installed a cd player and a couple of amps in my Na mk3. my car has been "out of order" so to speak for a while, so it has a few bugs. The most annoying one is the power antenna. when i turn on the cd player, the antenna goes up like it should. but when i turn it off, it wont go down. i had to cut a hole in the car cover to accomidate it. i tried installing a switch in the line, but it wouldn't work. the line that goes from the deck to the PA is the red and black one. is that the only wire? is there another i should connect? how does it work, i.e. does it need a 12v signal it to go down or a lack thereof? im not too familiar with PAs so i dont knoe what causes it to go up or down. can anyone help?

also, my battery hasn't been able to hold a charge lately. and yesterday when i tried ot jump start it, it wouldnt start. it would click and the head lights would go up and down but it would start. When i put it on ACC, it said 12v+ and both amps would turn on and the music would work, etc. but it still wouldnt start and when i took off the cables, the battery was completely dead again. would a new battery solve this or is there a bigger problem such as the ignition?
thank you in advance for any help, i really appreciate it
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mine did that too so I just pushed it down and unplugged it (i dont need the antena that much) and I got some really small antenna from my cd player in my room and put that on, get most stations pretty good. At least I dont deal with that annoying power antenna all the time.
where did u mount the antenna?
does anyone know how a power antenna works????
The PA wire is also the "Remote" wire.

In other words the BLUE wire.

Try it, it should work fine. If it goes up it means your motor isn't blown so you just hooked it up wrong... Peace.
=( tito, u see my sig? 4 10"s off 2 amps.... i did it all myself, custom installation, got light up stick that flash to the bass and everything. u think i wouldnt know to connect it to the blue wire? =P ive installed many stereos and amps etc, but i've never had this problem before. i tried a switch, but it didnt help.
anyone else that can help me?
Yeah, your sig explains it all. :rolleyes:

"Stock except the stereo" Hmmmmm, that says alot...

My little brother could wire up a stereo, don't mean he would get it right.

And just to let you know, its not the red and black wire that goes to the antenna. Just the blue wire.

BTW can I see some pics of your "custom installation."
sorry, i was on forums aat the same time and it has what i did in my sig there. i forgot i didnt include it in the sig on these forums.
anyways i've tried to get pics but my friends dig camera is still not working rite. and by red and black wire i meant the one that you connect the blue wire to. i knoe the blue wire from the deck is pa/remote turn on wire, but what you connect it to on most toyotas is a red and black wire that goes to the power antenna. unless of course the wiring setup of the car has been altered.

in my car i have a crappy cd player that i got for $40, a 40 watt equilizer. 4 pioneer tweeters, 2 american pro chrom plated mid ranges (5.25") 3 8" JBL subs (eh, im on a budget) and my baby, a 10" JL w6. A 4 channel pioneer amp and a small 80watt amp my friend gave me. also i have glow stick i wired behind the cigarette lighter and runs through a switch in the middle consul. i also have a switch to turn off the amps off and on which i wired my self and one for the PA...which doesnt seem to work... anyways i did it all myself (im only 16) and i think i did a pretty damn good job for paying about $100. it was mostely second hand stuff i had aquired over the past cuople years.

btw i didnt intend for any flames earlier, like i said i forgot the sig on this forum didnt have what i listed above like my other one does.
anyways, if u cant help me with my problem, id appriciate it if you'd take your insults somewhere else.
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I tried to help you the first time and you came at me with a flame.

I didn't mean anything by my post but whatever...

Nice system BTW:rolleyes:

This is my custom installation...

Im 19... And a certified installer...

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TITO--Tell me more about your car. Pics, too. Options, price, etc. Email me if you wish.
My MKIII is missing the antenna how do I replace it???
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