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Hey guys,
I'm having a bit of an issue. My build is finally finished and the only thing preventing me from driving the car is getting a header panel on the car to make it pass the stupid inspection that are manditory here.
Anyways find a 89-92 parts car has proven to be near impossible although there is a tonne of Pre 89's kicking around here.
What is the difference between the header panels from the 8.5-88 to the 88-92?
As far as my research has yielded it seems the mounting for the turn signals and the grills are slightly different, Is this fairly simple to modify to make it work?
Eventually I'll replace it with the proper panel but for now I just need something to get this thing back on the road as it's been over 3 years since I've driven my car.

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The 86.5-88 are the same exact thing as the 89-92 with the exception of the headlight washer nozzles on the pre 89's. It will fit the same, all the lights will fit right in so you won't have any problems. I have a spare header panel off of my 90 sitting around the garage if you're desperate enough.

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