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haha ya that's exactly what it looks like. O nthe last pic you can see the silver rim holding the stock square light still in place. I bet it's just a cover.
They are just covers....I've seen them for another car that has 6054's.....They just slip over the headlight and the headlight bezel keeps them in place....

"just replace your stock headlamp with these new custom projector look(not actual projectors) headlamps."

Straight from the bid......


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if they are just covers..... not to say their not but then why is the color of light diffrent and he wouldnt be able to call them headlamps due to legal issues I believe.

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sammydafish said:
read the feedback, all it is is a sticker over the lights, he's got pretty bad feedback
+1 that's what I was gunna say... He charges $55 dollars for vinyl stickers and $19.99 for shipping? And yeah, you get light bulbs, YAY!

I woudnt waste my money on that crap...

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drjonez said:
Negative feedback rating

Cheap sticker over headlight!!!! Rip-off....took over a month to get money back

Buyer 1tufmr2 ( 25Feedback score is 10 to 49) Apr-14-05 05:02

For a minute there Doc, I thought you were saying it took YOU a month to get YOUR money back! I shook my head for a second, no way, Doc would never buy............................ :kekegay:

But then I read again and reality took over! :beer:
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