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Heard The Focals...

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I made it my business to drive 75 miles to a shop in Sterling, VA to hear what the big deal was with the Focals... I heard the 165 K's which had a nice mid bass hit but something was missing. For the life of me I was not overly impressed. I listened, listened, and listened to them somemore to see what was so special about them. I was slightly dissapointed because after reading all the comments about 'em I was ready to buy. But I couldn't. Then I made my way to another shop (Myer Emco) and listened to my all time favorite components (Boston Pros) and fell in love again. I've owned 5 sets of these and believe me the Boston's are top notch. Neither of the shops had big power running to the speakers so I know it wasn't "Real world testing", nor were they mounted in a car. I haven't purchased either yet but on Friday I will. I'm going to review both again but I could swear that the Boston's have the edge. Comments?
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Listen to the Utopia line before comparing. far more detail in the tweeter and far less sharp in the midrange than the Polykevs. However, if you're innately drawn to the brightness of the Boston tweet, you may not enjoy the Focals period. They are remarkably tonal drivers, the Focal.
I think it just depends on what kinda music you listen to. Some people find the focal tweeters to be a little harsh but I don't think so. It seems like people get accustomed to how THEIR speakers sound and anything else just sounds odd to them.
Yea, I happen to like my tweets EXTRA bright and in the past have had as many as three sets in one vehicle. The Bostons seem to work for me but I know that there are better speakers out there. Price is definitely a concern though and I wouldn't want to spend $1,000 on the top of the line Focals to outdo the Bostons when there may be better for the same price. Decisions...
"three sets in one vehicle"

Good lord.
Yep... Three sets of Boston Pro 5.4's in a Landcruiser with Precision Power A 600 amps for each set. LOUD! This is why I'm having trouble deciding on new speakers. The thing with car stereo is that you always want to outgun your last system.
Well it is definetly a question of personal taste. So if you like Boston go with Boston. I am using the Focals myself right now and I do enjoy them. Over the years I have made my systems more and more simple and you will find that the fewer speakers you use the better your true sound will be. It takes time to tune things in order to get your imaging and stage set but hell everything worth having takes time.
My personal opinion, Boston = ass

I cant stand those mothers.

You should listen to some Dynaudios, I swear, I compared some Dyn's and soem Boston's side by side..... I was almost drooling over the dyns, and the bostons couldnt touch them.

like comparing Bose speakers to B&W speakers....... HAHAHA.....

I personaly didnt fall in love with Focals either, I did however all in love with Dyns, as I said, you might want to check them out.
Which model Dynaudios? I'll give 'em a listen but I'm almost certain I'm going with the Boston 6.5's front and rear. Keep in mind that through the net I can get the Bostons for about $270 a set... How much are the Dyns?
check it out, Dynaudio.

I'd say any of them

I listen to the pair, that had 1 7 inch woofer, and a Tweeter..
VERY VERY NICe, blew away the bostons right next to them ( 600$ bostons.....)

Trust me, get them, these are some of the best speakers I have ever heard...... car audio ne wayz.

And i've heard, MB Quart, Boston, Focal, you name it.. Dyns blew them all away.

MB's to in your face, mids arnt smooth enough.
Focals, very smooth mids, nice, to smooth for my taste, and the highs are WAY to pearcing for my ears.
Boston, iono something missing.....
Dyns, were the smoothest over sounding, and with a 7 or 8" woofer in the front...... you get a nice boom to :)
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The 7" speakers will fit in the doors? BTW, the Bostons don't cost $600. Anyway, I'm still trying to find someone local who sells the Dyns. The Focals are too ear piercing? Thats what I'm looking for! Which Focal model are you speaking of?
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