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Some short info about me

Birthday: 1 June 1988
First car: Nissan 200sx S13 RB25 Swap
Best car ive had: Skyline GTR R33/Supra MKIV
Best car ive driven: Nissan Skyline R34 GTR M-Spec II Nur
Worst car ive had: Volvo 745 GL
Hobbies: Cars, cars, cars and cars
Supras owned in family: 3 Mk3s (My dads all sold) 1 MKIV Eurospec (My dads sold) 1 MKIV JDM 6speed (my Supra) 1 MKIV N/A (My dads) 1 MKIV TT US-Spec (my older brothers sold)

Im a Supra owner since 4 months ago, ive owned a Skyline R33 GTR since i was 20 the car has 862hp today but im not running on that map, I dont dare, its a 2.7l (Nitto Stroker) with To4z turbo. (Totally built by myself, mapped in England)

My Supra is full BPU right now but I`ll order a PHR kit soon.

6 speed
TT with TTC
RMM lip
TRD Rear spoiler

Pics of the Skyline and the Supra will be up later.

I know alot about Nissans and Toyotas so dont hesitate to ask!


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Nice history, Welcome.
I wanna see the pics:drool:
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