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hello all! I a noob dont know much about the Mk4 supra besides the numbers it puts down stock and what the car is capable of. I am a current 2008 civic si owner. I love my car it is a really fun car to drive and is my DD.

Recently I got the offer to possibly get a black Mk4 supra at a dirt cheap price only problem is its auto N/A and may need some minor attention on the body.

Now just a few questions If i do get lucky enough to purchase the car I don't want to do any supra crazy 1000hp+ mods.. (as much as I would like just dnt have the funds lol college student) I just want a simple clean and fun weekend warrior supra.

I want a the twin turbo motor..exactly what engine code is that?
Any good tuners/specialist in the NJ area?
how much am I looking to spend on a good swap and auto to manual conversion?
Who do u guys recommend in the NJ area to do that job?
Wheres a good site to pick up some after market parts?

I will be lurking around to help answer my own questions but please help a noob out!
I am a honda and Evo guy but if i can get this supra i will be more then grateful then to own such an amazing vehicle.

please reply and take care guys!

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What is the price on the auto N/A? I'm sure you'll be able to get an answer here if its worth it or not.

twin turbo motor = 2JZ-GTE. The one you're looking at is 2JZ-GE.

2JZ-GTE swap with 6-speed getrag can be had around the $6,000 range at the cheapest usually (not needing any work)... and if you want someone to install that for you you're looking at another few grand at least since they need to remove your old engine and transmission. So easly $10k + about after the job is done. I am not speaking from experience, just from research and observations.

So clearly it is not worth it in the long run to do any type of TT engine swap with 6-speed. If you had deep pockets that wouldn't be an issue, but you being a college student I wouldn't assume that's the case?

hope that helps a bit.

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yea but all these TT are like 35k plus =/

I want something as a project..
you're right, you are a noob like the title says.

TT 6-speed are around 25k average.

You really need to do the research you just can't assume they are 35k+. Go to the forsale classfields and you'll see.

have you tried looking at importing one from Canada, might be cheaper
no it won't, Supra's there cost more than here. I know this becuase my buddy imported one and he paid 32k for a car that would be worth 25k tops here in the United States. Everything is cheaper in the US so its stupid to think you'll get one for cheaper there.
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