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Hello to you all,
My name is Mario and live in the Netherlands, just looking around abit and hope i can find some nice information on all different kinds of stuff, and espacially supra related,
info about cams duration vs performance
info about different intake plenums ''flowcharts'' maybe if there are any,
and alot of other info.
I do have a supra, she is from june '93 and originally she came in red(previous owner resprayed the supra in metallic gold top secret color-ish) and from factory naturally aspirated with the W58 and standard diff not the torsen one,
I wanted boost(just a little bit to start with) so she received an j-spec tt-engine, an getrag 6 speed with torsen diff, and the necessary bpu parts, she wears 18''work's meister s2r ('s) but not enough boost yet haha need more boost, or is it ''want more boost'', hope will find here lots of info,
1 - 6 of 6 Posts