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!!HELP 93 Supra Leaking Antifreeze into passanger area!!

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Was vacuming out my 93 Supra N/A today, and I noticed a nice little stain on the carpet pooled up in the passenger floor area. Checked the antifreeze level in the coolant resivour and it was nearly empty!!! (just a little coolant in the very bottom).

Checked the radiator and luckily it was fine (whew!).

So, I am assuming I have a coolant leak somewhere, has anyone run into this before? Heater Core maybe? I was a little surprised because my car only has 34,500 miles, but I guess it's still an 8 year old car.

On a side note, anyone know of any good shampoo's to get antifreeze out of tan carpeting?

any ideas/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! :(

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sound like your heater core has a leak or mabe if your lucky its just a damaged hose !
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