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sorry i had to go to class earlier, didnt have time,

i dont really know much on this, but it was my understanding you get knock when you run too lean, not rich.

you need to get your car tuned on a dyno, if you didnt want to do that ya shouldnt have gotten an SAFC.

if you want a baseline to go by, you need a baseline of your A/F curve. wait until after your AFC has been installed in the car for a while...wait a bit at first. i tried to tune mine the day after it was put in and the stock computer was still fighting the AFC(it does for a period of time before the AFC takes over.

i went back the next month and it tuned right. before dyno'ing i calcluated 1% of incrementation to be between .2 and .4 on the A/F graph. it came out to roughly that on the dyno as well. but theres too many things that could go wrong if you dont have an 02....and just for the record...with a cat, the results with never be 100% accurate...the catalytic converter skews the results, so dont tune over 13.0

lemme know if that doesnt make sense, my thoughts were scattered

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