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So there was a huge rainstorm in town last night, through to this morning. I had to go drive in it for about 10 minutes last night, car was running just fine despite the insane amounts of water around.

This morning I started the car... or tried to atleast. The car would not start properly. If I gave it a bunch of gas, and cranked it for 10 seconds, I could get it to run rough, provided I kept my foot on the gas. I shut her off, and walked around to the back, where I saw a bunch of water coming out the exhaust pipe. I started her up again, and put her into the garage, as I had to fix an exhaust leak before work.

After I was done working on the car, I started her up, and it ran fine... except for the fact that it was idling at 3000rpm.

I assume the engine computer now thinks that it needs to idle at 3000 to run properly. I tried taking out the "ECU" fuse in an attempt to reset it, but that didn't help. I ended up taking the hose off to the IAC, and taped it off, which brought my idle down so that I could drive to work. This of course lasted about 2km. I had to drive all the way to work in stop and go, launching the car at 3k every time I started :(

First off, how do I reset the ECU to get a normal idle back.

Second, how is the damn water getting into my engine? Was it while driving, or while it was parked? I can't imagine how it could get in there appart from the air filter, which has to follow an upward path to get into the engine.
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