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Ive put a DP and exhaust on my car and now i need to put the O2 sensor faker on since my car is a 97 with OBDII. Ok i have looked at the diagram that came with it and it doesnt make any sense. Can some one PLEASE work me through this?? It says to cut into the #47 wire in the Engine Control Module Plug. It says the wire should be red and blue but its not. The row that 47 is on doesnt have the right colors. Can any one help? Im going back to school thursday morning so i need help ASAP!
Thanks, John

I'd have to look at my electrical spec book tonight to help you out without guessing... when you're looking at the diagram, are you certain that you're looking at it correctly? Remember, if you're looking at the plug when it's attached to the ECU, it'll be reversed from what it is when you're looking at it unplugged at the end that attaches to the ECU.

What wire is it that you're trying to splice into? Is it the wire coming from the second O2 sensor?
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