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Hey guys,

To give a little more background info I just bought this car from my aunt, it belonged to my uncle who passed away about 3 years ago and it just sat. It's a 1990 7mgte manual transmission, 218k on the odometer but she thinks the motor was rebuilt around 200k (hasn't found paperwork yet and toyota dealer changed their system since then and can't look up specifics, which is a bummer because he bought the car brand new there in 1990 and had it serviced there its entire life up until he got cancer). The interior is pretty cherry except for a couple busted seams in the leather drivers seat, and the body is pretty straight minus faded paint and some rust on the hood and around the hatch causing that taillight gasket leak/rusty spare wheel well problem.

So far I've drained the all the gas, oil, and coolant and replaced them, new air filter, new spark plugs and wires, new valve cover gaskets, and a couple new rubber hoses/fittings that I could see were obviously missing or broken. I also tried a new MAF because I get code 31 and 24 intermittently but it didn't change anything, and the car runs like shit. I've only driven it around the block a handful of times, it bogs down really hard when you give it any throttle, and the one time it ran better than that I could only get it up to about 3000rpms. I think the turbo might be toast because I don't hear any spooling/whining type noise coming from it.

I am by no means a mechanic, I just try and figure shit out with google/youtube so
I'm going to take it to my friends shop in a couple days and have him work on it but I figured I'd ask for suggestions and help here to share with him and minimize time spend chasing down problems.

Here's a picture of the broken wires and a link to some videos with the crappy running noises. From looking at the wiring diagram I think it might be VSV related but I figured someone here could confirm.
Supra videos

Thanks in advance!

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