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HELP: Lights driving me CRAZY!!!!

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I wanted to take car of two simple things my car is a fuckin mess.

#1: the indicators on the left (trac-off, oil, engine, etc) only go on when it's a really hot day and my car has been sitting in the sun. Yeah, real weird but this is very consistent. On a normal evening, I'll go to start my car and none of those lights will go on...I always turn trac off but that doesn't go on either. On a hot day, everything works peachy.

#2: a bulb that's behind one of the climate control button sets is out. It is the backlight for 3 buttons.

So, I take the dash apart with little problem and figure out that I can make problem #1 go away by just putting random pressure on the connector behind the circuit board. This is not an actual fix so I give up on that one. Then I go and find the culprit bulb in problem #2 and take it to toyota. They ordered me a new one ($7) which will be here next week. The new problems begin when I put it all back together:

I go to adjust my mirrors and they don't work anymore...yes it is plugged in? My airbag light on the right set of lights is now permanently on!! These are the two things I can't explain. On top of that I still have problems #1 & #2 and another climate control bulb went out.

Help with any of these issues driving my up the wall would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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did you Disconnect the upper dash pieces where the odometer is located while the ignition key was on or the battery in place with out disconecting it ?? if so this will result in the airbag light staying on.

Here's how to turn it off :

Go under the hood and open the diagnostic cap located on the passenger-side near the firewall (see photo). Look for AB & TC. Make two plugs with wire to fit into these connectors. With the ignition key turned to the ON position alternate the two wires to the negative terminal of the battery. They need to be done in a consistent rhythm, about one second apart. TC,AB,TC,AB,TC,AB... This needs to be done several times. If you can't get it to work, try adjusting the speed. It is helpful to have someone look at the airbag light while performing this to let you know when the light goes out/blink.

as for your other problems i dont know but check all the fuses under the dash and under the hood!

you can get this info and many more at ! !
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