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Hi Guys.

i am planning on going NA-T , in fact .. i allready have most parts i might need.

i also bought a aem F/IC and aem wideband unit.

But since i need my car to go to work i whas wondering if it whas worth it to install the wideband and f/ic allready .. just to get used to the f/ic and play around with it .

do you guys think this is a good idea or isnt it recommend at all ?

also .. i'm stuck on the injector inputs/outputs on the aem. the manual says it can control 6 injectors .. ok , sofar i get it. but it doesnt say anything about what kind of injectors , i have figured the 2jzge uses high impedance injectors right ? .. but can i hook them up to the aem w/o having any problems at all ?

i also have a set of 6 top feed 550cc injectors ( low impedance .. i know i need to wire in a resistor pack later on ) and a new top feed fuel rail , walbro , aeromotve afpr and a ton of ss braid hose and earls connectors .. same questions would it be smart to install that along with the aem ?.

as you understand .. i cannot bolt on the turbo or intake manifold / tb yet
it will probarly take much more time than i have right now. so i have this planned for feb. march ... i will take a week off for that.

sofar i have these parts :

AEM Wideband Uego
Aeromotive afpr + hoses and stuff
Precision Turbo T6776h T4 .68 ( owh yes it will clear the dizzy ! ;) )
Veilside replica sidefeed manifold , came with 80mm TB and top feed fuel rail
XS power Intercooler kit for 2jzgte
OBX 2jzgte T4 manifold , i am currently rewelding a 2jzge flange to it
Tial 44mm V-band wastegate
6 RC Top feed injectors 550cc
Walbro fuel pump
a bunch of SS piping to wel a 3.5" downpipe and mid pipe
HKS blow off valve

i think thats it.

btw ..
the car is a 96 jdm supra , with V161 tranny

so am i still missing important parts or will this list do the trick ?
FYI , i am shooting for somewhere near 400 whp.

i am not planning on changing the HG , i figured why change while the current hg seems to seal properly , itf its neccesary i'll do it , but i guess a conversative tune will also prevent me from blowing it. as i have to tune it my self anyway.

i'm still saving up for a blitz exhaust , i hope to add that to my list near X-mas.

my last question is about the camshafts and pulley's.
i figured i can fit a regular hks 264 cam to the intake and have a stocker ( exhaust cam ) reprofiled by someone on this board , so basicly end up with 2 264 cams and fit some nice adjustable pulleys to them , but is it needed for the whp i'm shooting for ? ( not asking if makes it more easy .. but asking is it really needed ;) )

hope you guys can help a little as i have a lot concerns about it ... i really really need the car ! if i didnt i probarly pulled the engine and rebuild it anyway .. but thats out of the question

let me know whats wise to do , and what's not !

Thank you.

Kind Regards , Peter

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Cams are definitely not necessary for 400 whp.

As far as your F/IC controller, sure I'd hook it up. I put my SAFC and AEM UEGO in the car months before I started to get ready to install the NA-T parts I have, so I could get used to everything and be ready for tuning it turbo'd. I was able to dial in a pretty decent street tune on my car NA (and boy it picks up a bunch over the stock tuning!) and now I'm confident that I'll be able to tune it when it's turbo.
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