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I have attached some pics of a Salvaged Supra, I fix a lot of cars, but never worked with a supra. Should I grab it, and what looks to be any major problems (I know cars, but not specifically Supras). Also, how much is it worth to get from the Salvage yard.....

Thanks guys

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Also take into account that if I got a Supra that wasn't in wrecked condition, that I would be replacing the suspension, steering wheel, seats, Wheels, Bumper (AB Flug), and probably a few engine parts (replace the Rubber piping with that HKS upgrade metal or whatever, etc..).

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Easy fix for a lot of $$$$

The car dosen't look that bad, but it's hard to tell from a few
shots. Easy fix...but will be quite expensive to repair properly.

Is this the same Supra that has been posted here a dozen
times? Something like having an export-only salvage title.

It's your money....good luck. My guess ~ $5000 Car
~ $12,000 repair
Jeff = Keep looking
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