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HELP ME!! Supra got HIT (kinda bad) NOW WHAT????

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Long story short-
i was rear ended hard and launched into a truck and the
whole front, hood, some engine, fenders and door needs replaced, along with the back end, and other misc. stuff.

It's looking bad- should i FIX it, and keep it?
OR try to get it totalled and
attempt to get the amount that i want for it.

I know the book on my car is like 15-18K in all honesty, but EVERYONE knows i can get MUCH more for it!

What did you all do?
What should i do?
TOTAL it and start over?
how can i get the most for the total amount?
How can i come out ahead on fixing it? (like getting a stillen front TRD hood etc.

This little 16 yr old needs to pay to have it fixed perfectly, or he needs to pay the REPLACEMENT value of the car.

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DAYMN that sucks bro, and i know you keep your car hella clean too! if i were you i'd just sell it and get another, but then again its going to be a bitch finding an mkiv with that low mileage....sorry to hear about your accident, at least your ok
If the frame is tweaked in any it.........

if it is just cosmetic.........replace it.........
OK- so if i DO total it-

HOW CAN I PROVE this car is worth more than the book value?

I've been offered 30K right and left for it because of it's condition, miles, etc.

HOW can i make sure i get what i need out of it??

I was told by an auto body shop that if you intend on totaling it then you need to get hold of 3 ads (for comparable cars) with the asking price of your 'liking' and present it to your insurance co. is "loaded" with such ads...

I still think that you should consult a quality body shop-if they can asure you that it's fixable (no frame damage, yada yada...) then you'll have YOUR Supra on the road in no time.
Finding a quality replacement is going to take a looooooong time and is going to be a bitch.

Good luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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