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I just put an adapter and cone filter on my 1994 Supra na. I reset my ecu as described on pulling the fuse.
But my car is running horrible now anyway. So I kept trying, keeping the fuse pulled longer, unplugging my battery, making sure my everything was plugged in correctly, and a million other combinations, but the thing won't budge.
I got it running ok for a day, but it just started running horrible again the next day. Is there a way to more thoroughly reset my ecu or anything!!?? Help!
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There is a vacuum hose that plugs in front of the MAF. I forgot to plug it up when I changed plugs. My car would even hardly run.
The hose starts under the distributor cap if I am not mistaken, and goes to the intake piping right infront of the MAF. Does you aftermark intake provide a nipple to place the hose back on?
Your car should be the same as mine, I have a 95na.
Hope this helps, Let me know...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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