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Guys, my Supra was broken into two nights ago. The guys here that know my car know the kind of Stereo setup I had (Alpine 3DA-W882 Head Unit, 2 8" Kicker Subs, 2 Kenwood Amps etc). Anyway, all of that stuff was stolen. It was partly my mistake too, since I hadn't started the car in months, and the battery went dead. Needless to say, my alarm didn't go off and I'm here seeking advise. I'm pissed as hell, but thats another thread.

I need advise on two things here...

I can't find the same Head Unit I had in my car anywhere since it's last year's model (Double Din 3DA-W882). I'm looking at getting the same setup back in my car again, if not better. I went to a couple of stores around here, and they told me that the Alpine CDA-7998 is the best one now ?? Is that true ?? What kind of headunits do you guys have ?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

About the Alarm, I have a Pursuit Car Alarm which is about 2 years old, and it doesen't have the new "Pager" stuff..What's the best Car Alarm around ?? My first priority is for me to know when my car has being screwed with..Since I don't have a garage, and I can't see my car from my Apt, it makes it all the more important for me to know if someone is fucking with my car..

Again, thanks in advance for your help..I greatly appreciate it !!
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