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Hello everyone,

My friend has a Supra TT BPU 6 sp. and as we were cruising, he was accelerating around a turn and lost it. Car lost control, jumped a curb and rear corner panel hit small tree. We were only going about 30 so damage aint that bad but it got hit well. I need to know the best body repair shop around chicago to do this. Insurance is paying so price is not a problem at all. All I care about is perfect quality work. I have been told Body Werks in Skokie is great. They work with alot of imports I hear. Someone back this up for me or give me any other places. Any assistance will be welcome. My friend isnt to big on computers and internet so I decided to post this for him.

Thanks guys and hope to get some responses soon.

94 TT 6 sp.

I have been to body works before. You have to go down this back ally then between two large buildings then you you see a yellow supra and there you are. The supra may not be there anymore. They do some very good work, but I think there is some really shadly stuff going on down there. There was a sweet supra and a M3 with a denon engine it there. I would go down there and check it out first.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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