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so today i go to get some pizza in the supra
got there, shut it off and got my pizza lol
well when i opened my door to get back in the car factory security alarm began going off, my headlights where going crazy lol

so i put the key in the ignition and turned the ignition to the ON position
the alarm stopped
so i go to start it and.......nothing happens(no crank, no fuel pump, nothing)
sat there for 10 minutes trying to get it to start
finally i decided to take my ground clamp off the battery
reinstalled it and the son of a b*tch started right up lol

how do the factory alarms set?
my 89 rx7 would set if i locked the door with my key
if this is the case i didnt lock the door because either my locks are froze or theyre the wrong locks

also the car has not started for no reason in the past
but the alarm has never came on

i actually wounldnt mind getting the factory alarm to work when i want it to

any info will be helpful

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Once you get the door panel off you'll see it, it's yellow and white(ish) colored and right on the back of the key hole.

The other problem, which is what the problem was when my alarm was doing that, is that the plug for that switch gets all corroded sometimes. It's down inside the bottom part of the door. The little rubber things that seal around where the wires go into the plug gets dried out and let water get in. I had to take mine apart and clean all the green corrosion shit out and fill the plugs up with dielectric grease to keep the water from getting in and doing it again.
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