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Hi everybody.
Heres the thing: I own a Jspec 1997 supra TT, (thats not the problem), the problem is I am in the middle process of registering the car, and have problems with the chassis number. "Aparently" the chasis number has been altered, so the customs office wont legalize the car but instead, they want to confiscate it.
Sure no problem, if it is stolen they should confiscate it, I would happily hang the keys to them. But my car has not been stolen. Why? Because I bought the car in Chile 1 year ago, from a car dealer, and they imported directly from japan. The thing is unfortunately everything in my country works with money, (know what I mean?) and every police and customs office is corrupted as can be. I havent seen the altered chassis number yet, and they wont let me see it, they asked me 1000$US for overlooking the altered chasis, but now the word has spread and more people know about it ,and they want more money, wich I am not willing to pay because I had enough.:mad:

So ......If I could find another place where the chasis number is printed besides the one in the engine compartment, and if that number is the same as the one in the engine (wich sure is) I could prove them wrong, and hoppefully get my car back.

Do you guys know where to find more chasis numbers in the car??? Remember this is for a Jspec supra.....

Thank you very much.


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