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Hi guys

recently i have been disappointed with the performance of the Supra after having both turbo's replaced, and the supra which is standard felt somewhat slower than standard MR2 GT Turbo..

This afternoon i put the supra in TTC mode, by placing the main pressure lines directly to both the Inlet Air Control Actutator, and to the Exhaust Gas Control Actuator, tried it, and noticed that it just felt like poodling along on a single turbo.. to be honest it didnt feel much different to a Sequential configuration! I also noticed that the Stock boost gauge was boosting at around 2,000 revs instead at 4000 revs, the turbo was boosting much earlier than it should!

I disconnected the main pressure line from the Intake Air Control Valve Actuator, i couldnt hear any pressure escaping.. i then reconfigured the supra in Sequential mode, and took it out for a quick spin, turned off the engine and disconnected the main pressure line from the IAVC actuator.. again, couldnt hear any pressure escaping!!! Pressure used to escape before the turbo's were replaced!

This could explain why i was disappointed with the performance, the supra must have only been running on a single turbo!

I've just been out to the car, and connected a long hose the main pressure line which goes to the Intake Air Control Valve VSV, and I simply tried the blow through the hose.. I noticed that pressure was escaping as I was blowing though the hose!!

If I remember rightly you should NOT be able to blow though the pressure line?

This must obviously indicate that I have a leak somewhere along the pressure line.. any advice as to where to go from here, would be greatly appreciated

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