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Help, service manual, dash questions!

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Would any kind soul out there that has the service manual be willing to scan a couple of pages for me that show the heater core assembly and the dash?

anyone out there removed their dash before? how difficult is it to do? Time isn't a concern, I have all the time in the world, I just don't want to break anything!!

I think my heater core is leaking, so I'm trying to determine if this is a job I can do.

Thanks for any info!

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I dont have a manual. . .but i have taken my dash apart quite a few times. It's not hard. First you take out your ash tray. (easy- open it and pull) from there you unvelcro your shift boot from the shifter and pop that piece off (i usually take pull where the ash tray was and it tends to pop of easily. once that piece is off the wire for the ashtrey light is still attached to it. . .it'll just twis off. next. I would start takingthe screws out of the top part of th dash (the pice with your milage, and seat belt light/engine light/air bag light. . .etc) unscrew those (i think about 5-6 screws) and that will pop off. On either side of that piece will be the wireing clips that clip onto the back for all your bulbs and stuff. . .unclip them. MAKE SURE WHEN YOU UNCLIP THEM YOUR CAR IS OFF. If it's not your airbag light could come on when you put it back together. . .if it does. . .it's not hard to fix. . .just post the questions and you get help. . . but anyway . . .that piece is off. From here i would start taking off the far left piece. . .it just pops off, with one screw at the top that is now expose from taking the top pice off. unscew it and pop it off. . . this is the piece with an air vent and you'r mirror adjustor. . .unclip those. the center piece is next (with the gauges etc.) on the bottom of each side it "hooks together" and at the top there are clips. To undo those clips i believe the center piec needs to be pulled forward to relese it frome the piece on the left side (as well as the right) It might sound confusing but you'll get it once you actually see it. now for the last piece. . .there is one screw in the top right hand corner that needs to be unscrewed (wich was also exposed from taking off the piece from the pice wiht your miles on it. This whole piec has a few clips on the back. . .just jently pull and they will pop off. . .there are a lot of wires going intot he back of it so you'll have to get back there to see and unclip those. . . from there everything goes back together the same way it came apart. . .if you ahve any more questions let me know.
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