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My RH M5's 18 x9 39 offset with high pad(?) 18 x 10 44 offset are in stock ready to be shipped. Was all set to buy either Michelin Pilot Sports AS 245-40-18 for front & 275-35-18 rear BUT your fitment guide says 245's will rub top of inner fender? All tire outlets I call says 245-40 is correct??? Only found Falken in 245-35 which I don't want. Dazz says above only 18's they sell for Supra. Can't afford another mistake. DOES ANYONE RUN RH C5 OR M5 3PC WITH 245-40 ON FRONT? QUICK HELP NEEDED! APPRECIATE ANY KNOWLEDGEABLE INPUT. THANKS!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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