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OK OK!! I hate car thiefs, and I hate drug dealers even more. But when someone with both of these "talents" stole my truck it pushed me on the brink of insanity. Here is a nice list for all of you on SF to horror at:

-Alpine CD player
-New Columbia Jacket
-2 6" Kenwood 100W Speakers, with boxes
-2 work uniforms
-1 dress Shoe, the other one was under the seat
-A leather and bone Necklace my girlfriend brought back from San Fran
-60 piece Socket tool set: 1/2, 3/8, 1/4
-Oakly Sunglasses, and another cheap pair
-Stearing wheel cover
-6 Cans of Automotive Spray paint, at almost $5 each

And if that isn't enough
-Spare key for my friends Truck
-Parents car

I had a spare made, but the idiots cut it on the wrong blank so I had it on my keyring so I could take it back. Now I have no keys to my supra, I know I could just get all my locks replaced. But that would be too much more work and too expensive. What can I do? It's an 86.5

P.S. Did I mention I had a water leak and he over heated my engine, now my engine is ruined. Fuck car theifs. At least the police caught him. Does anybody know the sentence for GTA in Washinton state?
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