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Help w/ compression on '96 TT

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Time for an oil change on the wife's Supra and I noticed that it was running a bit low. No leaks anywhere on the garage floor that I've ever noticed since we bought it (1 year ago).

I decided to run a compression check, just to make sure it's not due to blow by, and came up with these numbers:

1 - 155 psi
2 - 150
3 - 150
4 - 150
5 - 145
6 - 145

Based on the tech manual it says 156 or more with a minimum of 128 and no more that 14psi difference in any cylinder.

Based on that I meet the specs, but does anyone have any insight compared to other stock TT's? Is this fine or a little low, or ... ???

Thanks for any input/opinions.

Greg [Dallas]
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You should watch 5 and 6. I think those are the two cylinders that seem to most commonly have low compression. People have said its from the EGR.
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