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Help w/ hoses and grounds

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Can someone lend a hand w/ some coolant/vacuum lines and a ground, the FSM isn't real clear on this.
1) 2 nipples on the bottom of the TB? They look like coolant lines. I have 1 connected to a pipe under the IM, but I'm not sure if it's correct and I can't find a connection for the other.
2) 1 nipple on the passenger side of the IM pointing down. Located toward the front of the IM. I'm guessing vacuum here.
3) Small nipple connected to the bracket that attaches to the bolt between the 2 and 3rd runner of the IM. There are 2 metal lines there. I have 1 connected, but I'm not sure where the other goes. It is point up and toward the front.
4) 2 small nipples off the ps pump, both vacuum I believe.
5) Where exactly does the ground bracket on the harness that runs to the battery go? It's at the base of the negative terminal wire.
Thanks in advance.
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