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Help w/ Installing Greedy Boost Guage

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I've Installed the Greddy 52mm electric boost gauge, but it doesn't seem to register any boost or vacuum. I Hooked it up to the clock harness and I think I got all the wires spliced correctly. The guage has power when the car is running. As far as the sensor goes, I connected it between the FPR and what I think is the VSV(small little blue thing that has a vacuum hose runing to the FPR and the factory turbo pressure sensor). When the car is running there the master alarm light is dully light, but not as bright as when you have the emergency brake on. I need some help here guys. What did I do wrong???

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I followed the directions on for the boost gauge vacuum hose hook-up. Has worked like a charm ever since. I have a 60mm Greddy peak hold boost gauge. Go back, and do it exactly like on the website. Other than that, maybe you screwed up the wiring, and I'll leave that to someone else. :)
The line for your boost gauge should be tapped here, in between A and B, C is the turbo pressure sensor.
Problems Fixed. I ended up having the wiring screwed up. Reading electrical schematics from the shop manual was'nt fun, but it fixed the problem. Thanks again!
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