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Hydraulic System - Im having this problem that I cant seem to figure out. I replaced the rotors + pads and acuator for other reasons and now the brakes are sloppy the clutch catches and disengages only like 2 inches down. Could all be related, but I don't know. I've bleed the brakes 3 times, so I know there's no air in the system.

Power - The throttle after warming up if you raise the idle from 600 to 1500 the idle drops to 1000 then back up then back down again. If you gas it past 1500 it holds fine? Under load the car is slow like only engine, but the stock boost gauge reads 8 psi. Last, but not least, the gas pedal feels real sensitive.

Im going to bleed the clutch line next, see if that helps. For the power, I had a problem with the throttle sticking when I went into neutral under load so I replaced the TPS and had to remove the ISCV while doing it. Is there something special I had to do when putting these things back on?

Sorry this was long, thanks for any help. Drew

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Try bleeding the clutch, those are two seperate systems. The throttle thing sound like a nasty bend in the cable, and maybe get stuck in certain spots.

For the jerking idle... did you check for codes ? Maybe your afm is rip or it has a vacuum somewhere ?
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