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I can't find anywhere in my repair manuals exactly what these go to.

can anyone tell me?


#1 These come off the harness next to the fan connector wires.

#2 This one is tucked way up on the right front of the radiator. There are 2 wires going to it and this is a deep connector but ? if whether something is supposed to plug in there.


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the first two wires look like the ones that plug into the electric fan on the drivers side of the radiator, i will check on the 2nd on in a sec. let me know if you need pics of where to plug them in.

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1. the second pic shows a plug way up at the front right top of the radiator. the way to see it is to look up inside the front lip of the car. If you can just tell me if you see a plug like that and if something is plugged into it.

I have a 94TT

2. No, no one tapped into the fan switch. it is plugged in at the top. the other 2 connectors i have shown there are just hanging out loose like i illustrated. I would just like to know what they originally plugged into. Can someone check their car and see? The only other connectors in the area are for the headlight and those are plugged in.


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figured a few things out. Obviously stuff is not where its supposed to be (can't believe someone treated such a car this way).

1. the 2 plugs at the top are for fan1 and fan2 relays. i cant find the relays anywhere so I ask if someone can take a pic of their fan relays so I know where they go.

2. The plug in front of the AC condensor is likely for the AC condensor fan that is not on my car. Can someone please take a pic of their AC condensor (the one in front of the car) so I can see how it bolts on?


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now i'm really confused....
after doing some more reading, it is likely that the TT 6sp does not use a condensor fan in front??

So then, dont I still need to have a fan relay for at least one of those other plugs?

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what about the relays?
apparently no fan is to be in front of the condensor on the TT only behind the radiator?
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