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I need some help creating a list of everything I need or should have to make around 600hp. I think I want to go with a Precision Turbo 6176 MFS, .68 A/R, 44mm TiAL MVR wastegate, TiAL Q blow off valve and a Single turbo waterneck. I don't know if I should go with 3" or 4" Midpipe and downpipe. I have the option to get a screamer wastegate pipe but not sure if it's worth it. As far as the inter cooler goes I was thinking a Greddy 3 Row but not sure how it would handle 600hp range. Would a bigger fuel pump and injectors be necessary? if so what cc and lp? one pump or multiple?

Thanks in advance!

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This is what I run at your desired power level.

Fuel Kit: Radium Engineering Supra Kit with dual Walbro 450's
ECU: AEM Infinity 506
Camshaft: Stock
Valve Springs: Stock
Retainers: Stock
Valve Seals: OEM
Head Studs:OEM
Turbo: PTE 6466
Exhaust Manifold: PHR Street Torque
Injectors: ID1300
Clutch: ACT TS4-HDSS
Transmission: V160
Exhaust: 3 Inch Downpipe + HKS Carbon-Ti Exhaust
Intercooler: ETS 4 inch kit
Sensors: All AEM for fuel pressure, oil pressure, MAP, IAT, Boost Solenoid

On E85, this setup made 600 whp @ 28 PSI at 85% duty cycle, it has the capacity to get to around 800 whp with bigger injectors

Other parts to consider
EGR delete kit
Billet Timing Belt Tensioner - Stock will eventually break
Upgraded Crank Pulley - Stock will explode eventually
Fresh Coil Packs - Denso 673-1200
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