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Yesterday my boss backed into my white 95 TT. He hit it right behind the drivers rear wheel and dented it in pretty well. :cry:

Anyway, he is going to pay to have the car fixed and repainted. My question is that I see that there are 2 codes for super white (2 & 4) (and i know this has been asked before but not answered)
but which color do you guys think is nicer the 040 or the 050. i want to keep it a toyota white but not sure which to go with.

Please help


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Man, you dont need need the code that matches your paint :p <----- the code in your driver's door ;)

I have used these colors before, but I'll be damned if I can remember the differences between them......a trip to the local body shop is what you need (besides the fact that pics on the net won't do jack for matching your color in the end result).

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