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Help with Conversion of Non-turbo to Turbo!!!

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Hi guys here's my problem:

First of all, I can find a new Turbo engine for the supra for $750.00. (The engine is in good condition guaranteed by my friend who's a mechanic) I want to know if it is possible to drop a new turbo engine into a non turbo supra, but what I really want to know is if it's worth it. Is the only difference between a turbo and non-turbo the engine? From my research, a good TT supra with decent mileage is going for $25,000.

I can find a non-turbo supra with a lot of miles for a decent price of around $8,000. The thing is that I heard I would have to change a lot of things on the non-turbo like the manifold and things like that. I'm wondering if it is possible and if it what is the stuff I'd have to change and how much would it cost? Is it worth it?????????? Thanks a lot.

- Lookin4Supra

P.S. I haven't bought the non turbo supra yet so if anyone knows a good price you can email me with it. Thanks.
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This top ic has been discussed b4 so use the SEARCH button up above to search for it. But basically the concenses of many people is that, yes it is possible to convert an NA to TT...but you will find yourself spending the same amount (if not more) to do the conversion. In other words, it is worth it more just to save up your pretty pennies and spend it all on a TT at once :D.
the only way is to get a turbo motor swap or get a turbo kit made for the NA. all the gear from a TT will NOT fit onto the NA. me and my friend have a toyota truck with a NA motor in it and we had to custom fabricate the whole turbo kit to fit it. my old turbo manifold didnt line up with the NA. and yes im talking about the 2JZ motors. a 2JZ turbo motor in a 91 toyota pick up? yes its true. hehe.
Lookin4Supra said:
.......... The thing is that I heard I would have to change a lot of things on the non-turbo like the manifold and things like that. .........
Yeah - it seems it's much better to get the TT.
I am in the middle of it right now and it isn't too bad. Including a fuel system and a 400-450hp end target I will have less than $4,000 wrapped up. Dave H has been a ton of help, but I am finally getting to the point where I feel comfortable helping others do what I did/am doing.

If you aren't a complete idiot with tools, you can do 9/10ths of the work yourself.

More details to follow, but feel free to ask me questions. I will give you as un-wrong answers as I can :)
it's cheaper to sell the n/a and go pick up twin turbo. you'll spend lot's of money on labor. you can put that labor towards turbo supra. plus you'll have better brakes etc...

I can agree with buying a TT, but cars are running out. I'm seeing salvage titled cars being bidded on for 20-25k. I'm sure an original TT is better, but I guess these owners have cars in known good condition & a 400rwhp goal. Much faster than n/a, but not too dangerous. :cool:
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