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i've done some search but havent got what im looking for. I have a 1993.5 supra TT 6spd. I've been wanting to know whats the original 6spd TT idle when either you stop a stop sign or put in nuetral while driving. When i bought my car, the idling was kind of messed up so i turned it up a lil to around 900 rpm.( not sure if it was correct.)

BUT sometimes when im going uphill and quickly shift to neutral, my idle goes really low around under 700 rpm and the car just dies out. THIS doesnt happen when the road is flat or a lil steep. Most of the time, its on a steep hill. Could anyone tell me whats the original idle on the 6spd TT supra so i can set mines correctly this time. ANY help would be appreciated. thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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