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I am in the process of adding an oil cooler to my engine and I need your help to figure out if my sandwich thermostat will work.

Currently, I do not have the stock oil cooler or the stock filter bracket. The block adapter is connected directly to the block and sends the oil to a dual relocation bracket in the Passenger side fender area.

I bought a Derale temperature controlled sandwich adapter (DER-15702 from Summit) with the idea that it would be simpler and cost less (fewer fittings and less hose) than using the inline thermostat (DER-13011). It would go between the oil filter and the relocation bracket in the fender area.

The sandwich adapter controls oil flow to the cooler with a small hole and a rolled, bi-metalic? metal strip which will expand and close the hole when the oil is above 180F. When the oil is cold, the sandwich adapter allows some amount of oil to bypass the cooler.

When I first looked at the small bypass hole, I was concerned that it would be a large restriction when the oil was cold. It seemed that either a bunch of the oil would still go to the cooler when cold, or if it didn't, the hole was too small to allow enough oil to pass through. I contacted Derale, and the guy could not tell me what the percent flow was to the cooler or filter when cold.

After looking at the sandwich adapter for a while, I now think that most of the oil will bypass the cooler when cold, but it will cause the oil pressure to rise due to the restrictive bypass hole.

What do you think? I just want want to make sure I am not cooling my cold oil on startup.

here are some diagrams I made:

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