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I am about to install my Titan 865cc fuel system and I had a question. I am awaiting my 71GTQ kit and would like to go ahead and install my Fuel system. I dont have a map or dyno available to tune the fuel with the stock turbos and AEM. Can I install the fuel system with the stock ECU and just run really low PSI and it run ok? SOme say sure, but I am skeptical as I am going from 550's to 865's.

Another big question. My Titan fuel setup says to weld the bungs in the lower manifold that the Injectors set in. It also states that you do not have to do this as no one has had any leaking problems. What do you all think about this? I am just not a fan of welding these and then maybe changing something around later if you know what I mean. Son Nguyen said something about this here.

Thanks all for your help.

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Your car will be putting out tons of black smoke if you attempt to run a fuel system with the stock ECU alone. Don't put the fuel in until you have something that can control the larger injectors.
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