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My final Build
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I have a 95 TT USDM auto harness i purchased from a member on here.

I have a USDM Rail and 550 injectors with a set of cut injector clips.

Here is my problem:
When i purchased the harness it had the injector clips cut off(not a problem because i already had a set of cut clips)or so i thought.
When i go to wire the clips back in, the harness only has 5 sets of wires to attach to the clips,there isn't any wires to go to what i believe to be injector number 6.
There was also a set of 4 or 5 wires cut from a clip of some sort(maybe the resistor pack?).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I did noticed on the jdm 2jz the 440 rail only has wiring for 5 injectors,the last one doesn't have any wiring.
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