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I need to know what I need to do for a complete tune up for a 1997 toyota supra BPU. I would greatly apprieciate it if anyone could help.

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Different aspects of a tune up should be done according to mileage as specified in the owners manual or at more frequent intervals. But here is what I do.

Change coolant
Change brake/clutch fluid
Check hoses belts
Change plugs (NGK 3330s)
Change air filter or clean K&N

Change power steering fluid

Change PCV
Change fuel filter
Check valve clearances

Change coolant hoses and belt

Change timing belt

When you get some extra time go through and change all of the vacuum lines with silicon hose.

My oil chages are every 3K with the trans and diff changed every 12K. Think that's it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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