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Alright, anyone with a high HP supra, I seek your help, I have a 94 TT Single conversion with 820+ to the wheels, I'm seeking some tips to help me control this a little better when I'm drag racing, I wanna lower my 60ft times and my et's, but I am having soem traction prob's on the track. I don't have any slicks but i do lower the pressure in the tires and I try and launch at lower RPM but when i do it ends up taking longer to get going then if I burn my tires. Are there any tricks to controlling the power, shift differently, something, anything! Any tips on drag racing in general would also be helpful. Thanks in advance!
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Get a Phillip Long Turbo Launch from MVP Motorsports. This should help you make some boost off the line while launching at a lower rpm.

Later, Steve
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