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AEM System

Motorola 16/32 hybrid microprocessor/ operates at 16Mhz
RFI and EMI filters on all input and output circuits
Internal RFI com duct for com cable
Flash programmable memory chip for in-feild software upgrades


10 injector outputs
5 ignition outputs
1 fuel pump output
4 +12v user define drivers (V-TEC,ERG, etc)outputs
2 O2 heater ground controls
2 Tempurature controlled outputs (radiator)
12 User defined(-)swiched outputs (NOS,a/c,purge,etc)
1 Check engine/ shift light
1 Tachometer output
2 PWM outputs (may also be be run as switched outputs) boost control,IAC motor, staged nitrous, etc) Stepper motor drives (may also drive 4 wire antagonistic pair outputs


2 Knock channels with control
2 O2 channels with control
4 RTD inputs, for EGT measurement
6 gear position inputs
5 speed sensor inputs
1 Spare temperature input
Throttle position
Manifold pressure/ mass air input
Barometric pressure sensor
2 Spare 0-5v inputs (pressure sensor, or position sensor)
Coolant sensor
Air inlet Temp
Clutch or neutral input( may be used for two step rev control)
Battery votage sensing
Crank position (timed)
Cam position (timed)
Extra TDC or air flow (Vortex)input
Speed sensor input(for gear selection, traction control,etc)


512k internal logging memory
Flash ROM
Fault logging

* No wiring*- Additional wiring may be required for the addition of certain auxilary devices

Replaces factory ECU
100% stand alone/ no piggybacking controllers
Comes with a base map
Compatible with MSD, crane and most aftermarket ignition systems

Tired now...i will follow up with the results tomorrow!


1995 Civic body
1998 J-spec GSR motor
T-3 Turbo kit
Greddy FMIC
MSD ignition
330cc injectors
DX fuel pump.....this proved to be the limiting factor!
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