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I plan to sell my old NA motor here shortly and I keep getting a lot of hits from people that want it.

I've seen JDM ones sell for $1,200. I've seen heads go for $100. I know people like the block.

I'm not quite ready to sell it yet still in the middle of my TT swap but here is the run down.

NA motor ran beautiful never had an issue ever. Needs an oil pan, I took the NA one for my swap. Also wiring harness is missing a couple plus, which I also took to make my TT run. Oxygen Sensors work but they are not the best, I extended them when I was NA-T. Everything else is working perfect and intact.

I plan on selling the Motor with everything attached, Intake Box with piping and MAF, 5-Speed USDM ECU, Wiring Harness Auto (ABS Plug missing and 1 Fuse Box plug) and a JDM Auto TT transmission.

Oh this is probably pretty important the motor has about 133, XXX miles on it. I will check my Odometer to get the specific mileage.

Like I said runs clean, never had a problem. My original Supra motor. Any price ideas would be great help. Also if you are interested in the motor I'll post it in the for sale section pretty quick here.



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i've seen full longblocks with all accessories and a 5speed tranny with under 100k miles go for around 450 local pick up and long block go for around 200 local pick up, but i've also see ones sell for around a grand so i don't know, i don't really think there is a set price for these.

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the block is probably "worth" a lot more then anyone would be willing to give you for it.... me personally, i have seen so many ppl pick up pefect condition blocks for like 200-300 bucks, that i would not even look in a FS thread that has one listed for more than 600......
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