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hey kurt

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1997 supra tt 6spd

intake gaskets, (upper to lower)
timing belt
turbo oil drain studs and gasket(to block)
what else is recomended for replacement with the timing belt, im going to get a nice billet tensioner so i dont need that.
both cam gear bolts, or can i reuse those with some loc tite?
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17177-46031 Gasket, List 13.39 Cost 10.06
17176-46030 Gasket, List 9.56 Cost 7.19
13568-49036 Belt, List 33.00 Cost 24.80
15472-46010 Gasket, List 4.03 Cost 3.03
90116-08348 Stud List 0.89 Cost 0.66
13540-46030 Tensioner List 67.10 Cost 50.43
90311-46001 Seal Fm List 13.26 Cost 9.96

The Billet Peice You Bought Is Actualy The T/belt Idler Pulley Not The Actual Tensioner.
as always very helpful thanks curt!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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